All Zed Combo Demo in Wild Rift

All Zed Combo Demo in Wild Rift hey yo guys how's everyone doing this is your guy assassin dave welcome back to another league of legends wall riff video. This time featuring all zed combos in wall rift the first combo is q flash this allows you hit your q faster and give your enemy less reaction time the second combo is w eq all attack, you can also, do this combo backwards this is good for pretending you're running away but surprise your enemy was a huge burst the third combo is double jump combo where you throw your skill to you away from the. Opponent and use your all on an enemy and if necessary you can jump back on your ultimate shadow and, finish it off the combo is ultimate flash execute and.

Ultimate away combo basically before you jump away to your ultimate shadow you want to use flash and execute enemy with as much damage you, can and then jump back the next combo is w flash combo this allows you to have a. Safe location where you can jump back while killing an enemy who is really far away from you the next combo is double.

Jump combo but with delay basically the, same thing as a double jump combo the only thing is you're gonna use your skill to first do some damage and wait for a few seconds before you use your all and jump to your skill to you, and jump to your ultimate to confuse your opponent because, the skill has been there for a while they kind of forget about it the, next combo is double shadow combo basically you want to use your ultimate on the opponent and before you jump back use your skill too towards enemies running away path and then, jump back to your ultimate they.

Might think you're running away but you're just placing your skills to use your skill and skill to execute the kill next combo is skill two one.

Flash and then jump away combo basically this allows you to surprise your opponent out.


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