Everything About Wild Rift Closed Beta (News, Release Dates and more)

Everything About Wild Rift Closed Beta (News, Release Dates and more) hey everyone welcome to another video my name is papa and today we're going to be talking about the closer beta of wild rift and more specifically how, it's going to work when we from around the world is going to be. Able to play the game and how the how this close beta stuff works what's gonna happen after the closed beta. And so on so let's start a video and if you are not subscribed yet please don't forget to subscribe so and well welcome to our community let's go like the video as well okay. So there's a lot of questions of when we from brazil north america europe and africa and other countries.

Around the world is. Going to be able to play the league of legends close vera and well actually right now the game is only available to be played as a closer beta on the sca. Which is malaysia philippines indonesia singapore and there's another one that i forgot and philippines so there only these five countries can play the game. Right now why is that why. They are doing that it's because nsea the moba mobile games it's like very important for riot. They are testing one of the their main reasons that they believe they they are going to be successful and, is gonna bring the most uh the most wide range of players to the game so that's completely understandable and well that's their strategy we need to respect that in order to actually be able to play in the future, so they are testing right now the game balances the server servers the bug fixes, everything that they that was on the alpha probably isn't on.

The beta version of the game actually i played the game in the alpha and i got to enter the game on, the close bet and see some of the changes i didn't play the game because well i needed. To use vpn and this kind of stuffs and well that brings the game for everyone that is playing for me because i'm gonna, have some lags for them because they are gonna be dealing with a person with lag that's not cool so i didn't play the game at all and i, decided.

To actually watch some gameplays and you guys are seeing in the channel what uh what's been changing what's new in the closed, beta what's not new what had in the alpha what we didn't had in the alpha and that's the main thing that that's a. Closed beta is working for they are going to be fixing a lot of. Stuff to them to the global release that is happening later this year so when are we going to be playing be playing the game right jack actually released a statement on the website, that says the following so back up what's original plus beta following from the original alpha we'll, be expanding our range of features and inviting new regions so we can get feedback from a, bunch more players the original closed beta is still well closed.

So not everyone will get to help us test this time but we're still eager to roll the game out to a lot of more players than ever before that's very interesting because right now today. There's another wave of invites going out for the lca players i believe so they didn't confirm it yet but that's, what makes sense so if you are on the sca be happy because there's another big wave of invites going out from i.

Think it's from now to 24 hours uh later so you guys might be invited in this course of. 24 hours from now they say what are.

Your tests in in the regional alpha a few months ago we were mostly focusing on our core gameplay systems now we want to test a, lot more you can expect to see.

Upgrades to progression leveling and balancing as we move forward and have a look through the closed beta balance patch notes that we i'm gonna, be doing a video soon about that to see what's changed in the last couple of months so how do, i get in they ask over here we're going to be randomly selecting from players who have pre-registered from wild rift on google play we'll. Be inviting more players as the tests go on so keep an eye on the play store you might also see some content creators invited early, on so even if you do not get in you can watch some big plays. While you're waiting yeah people want to play not watch reminder once you, you are invited you need to log in with the same google account that you pre pre registered with for ios players. You will want to head to wildriff.leagueoflashes.com and follow the instructions that if you'd like to be part of this mao ios test running alongside the closed beta so folks from ios you. Guys can. Play it as well you just need to be lucky and pre-registered in the website of league of legends when does this regional close beta end that's the important, stuff we have more information on this a bit later but you can expect the close beta to run for a few weeks and actually they already say that the. Close bet is going. To be running through the early of october so for me early october is like at most, october 10th i don't think they are going to be pushing this forward because they need to reset the game and i'm gonna be talking a little bit more about that in a few moments, and why did you pick. These rations we're going to raise them by region for a close beta to make sure we're prioritizing instability before. Moving to the next most of the regions in this test are geographically fairly close to one another so we can focus on scale testing a, small group of servers will other regions get a close beta we'll be sharing more. Information about this in the coming months i was in the philippines of a test duo gathering automatically yes you, should be eligible to play starting september 18 so if you're watching the alpha you can already play the game my skills are top side but my phone isn't what are the minimum device packs we already. Talked a little bit about that. In the channel but the good thing is that you don't actually.


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