Gameplay Reveal – League of Legends: Wild Rift

Gameplay Reveal – League of Legends: Wild Rift hey everyone Michael Chang here I hope you're all doing well taking care of yourselves and taking care of someone else even if, you're a part I have been eagerly awaiting this chance to talk to you guys about wild rift I'm thrilled to announce we're beginning to roll out our first round of, large-scale testing starting next week our very first test is a two week alpha and Brazil in the Philippines just on mobile starting with a, full to pre-register during league's ten-year anniversary this is just, a first step but it's a very important one and we're eager to expand from there because.

We need your feedback on some really important things first and most importantly we need you to tell, us if we've hit our mark for delivering a true League of Legends experience with dual stick controls I personally think it's pretty magical but it doesn't really, matter what we think until you get your hands on it and vote with your play time second we want. To know more about how our round game systems are meeting your needs this is everything. Outside the match on the rift itself from collecting chimps and skins to our other meta game systems and because an important promise of wild rift is that, you can play it with more of the people you care about we want to know if our onboarding is going to help.

Your friends find the magic and the, fun and league of legends so you can play together last we're testing our infrastructure and service capabilities. The games got to run smooth on your device lag free on the network and free of cheats and cheaters so check your email if you.

Pre-register we're excited to get you into the game and to prepare for that we're gonna give you a peek at. What we're up to with updates from across the teeth hi everyone I'm Davis, you the product manager for champions on wild rift we talk about champions a while ago and our philosophy remains simple we want to retain, the feel of your favorite champions so they are authentic to what you know from league and we only look for changes where it makes sense.

Like to accommodate while rifts.


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