iPhone 12 vs League of Legends: full Wild Rift reveal

iPhone 12 vs League of Legends: full Wild Rift reveal later this year one of the best games of all time is coming to iphone it has held the prestigious title of most popular most played and most viewed game in the world and revolutionized esports with over 100. Million people watching the world championship last year i'm of course talking about league, of legends using the power of the new a14 bionic and verizon's 5g ultra wideband network iphone gaming is taking. An enormous leap forward here's michael chao executive producer from riot games to tell you more about it at riot we aspire.

To make games that meet our. Players wherever they are league of legends is the world's most popular pc game but now with the insanely powerful iphone 12 and verizon 5g we believe it's the perfect, time to bring league to ios this is league of.

Legends wild rift the power of a14 bionic literally blew us away it allows us to show off champions like ash with a brand new level of fidelity that you can't find on any other platform with off, the charts gpu performance in frames per second you. Get amazing details and fluid gameplay even in the most chaotic team fights on iphone 12 gameplay is always responsive and unbelievably smooth until now to be competitive in league. Of legends you had to be tied to your desk but verizon. 5g frees you to game like a pro pretty much anywhere no wi-fi required and with wicked fast speeds up to 25 times today's networks not only is.

Gameplay fast but so are downloads so you can instantly grab dope new skins that show, off all your favorite champs we'll see you on the wild grift wow what a huge moment for mobile gaming we can't wait.

To play league of legends on iphone 12. .


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