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League of Legends Mobile have you ever played a game of League of Legends and thought to yourself man I sure do wish I could lose my LP on the go from the comfort of a random city bus well boy do I have some. Good news for you hello. Summoners and welcome to another pro gods today we'll be discussing everything we know so far about riots newest upcoming mobile release League of Legends wild rift before we get into. That though today's question of the day, is which champion do you think would be the hardest a pilot on the mobile platform let us know your answers in the comments in our new pro, guides discord or you can even discuss it on, our new pro guide subreddit check them out they're full of great information for helping you improve as well as finding like-minded peers on. Their journey up the ladder anyway without further ado let's get right into it back in October during riots 10 year anniversary they announced a slew of things lined up for. The nearest future but one of the most interesting announcements was League of Legends wild rift. Wild rift is riots mobile and console port for League of Legends something the community has been asking about and requesting for years naturally. They can't just pour it over summoners rift and all, its champions and skins as they are so they've made a few changes to how the game will function at a basic mechanical level to better accommodate the switch and platform the. Biggest change of these is that obviously people on consoles and phones can't play the game with a mouse and keyboard, so riot has instead opted for a dual, joystick system that will work with both touchscreens and console controllers of course switching the basic mechanics to a. Joystick system makes some of league's abilities difficult to imagine so the dev team has been hard at work giving certain abilities quality. Of life touch ups for example misfortunes double tap won't be a point-and-click ability on wild drift there will be a skill shot that she aims with the, right joystick similarly an ease disintegrate will also now be a skill shot instead of a point-and-click another direction the devs seem to want, to take is changing passive abilities into more interactive versions of themselves like veins silver, bolts being an active attack speed steroid, some champions will be almost the same but other champions will be receiving mild overhauls like Shyvana receiving buffs based on what type of drake she kills. If she kills an infernal Drake for example she received some true damage in her kit if she kills a mountain Drake she gets a slow added to get exciting. Changes like these are what make the concept of. Wild drift so interesting it's a blank slate for riot to explore some new possibilities in the game granted some of these displayed changes seem a bit terrifying like Ash's ultimate, now being a, guided projectile like Yumi's Q or Lux assault seemingly now spanning the entire map but we'll burn that bridge when we get to it now while changing abilities and fighting. Mechanics to fit the other platform is a large task there are also. Other changes that need to be made for a game to really fit the mobile /, console demographic regular PC League of Legends games tend to take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes.


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